38th ANZ Cornea Society & Eye Bank Meeting

Four staff from the New Zealand National Eye Bank attended the 2023 Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand (EBAANZ) meeting, and the 38th ANZ Cornea Society & Eye Bank Meeting in Perth. It was a fantastic opportunity to present our Eye Bank to the Australian Eye Bankers in person, learn from each other about eye banking, and meet many Australasian corneal…

Like Looking Through Phosphorylated Glass

Former engineer Ian Hicks lost 85 percent of sight in his right eye during a house fire blaze that saw him go back into the flames to search for his young daughter.

‘It's like looking through phosphorylated glass. You can see that, but you…

How Can a Corneal Transplant Help People Restore Their Sight?

This video is from the early days of the Eye Bank in 2000 as shown on prime-time NZ television.

The NZ Eye Bank has continued to supply high-quality eye tissues to all New Zealanders needing a transplant to restore or improve their sight.


Thank You For Making It Happen

The New Zealand National Eye Bank meeting with the Bereavement Care Services team at Middlemore Hospital