Seeing Through Another’s Eyes - Marg's Story

I am so grateful for two corneas, the work of the eye bank and one very clever surgeon. The miracle of having one's sight back is priceless.

I am very privileged I have enjoyed an amazing career in teaching which led onto being a RTLB (Resource Teaching Learning and Behaviour). This RTLB work supports teachers families and students…

How Strangers Gave Me Sight - Diana’s story

When considering organ donation, we tend to think only of the heart, lungs and kidneys. The cornea - the tiny, clear window that covers the eye - probably doesn't spring to mind. Did you know that you can donate your eye tissues to help someone, like Diana in this story, regain their sight?

How Can a Corneal Transplant Help People Restore Their Sight?

This video is from the early days of the Eye Bank in 2000 as shown on prime-time NZ television.

The NZ Eye Bank has continued to supply high-quality eye tissues to all New Zealanders needing a transplant to restore or improve their sight.


Like Looking Through Phosphorylated Glass

Former engineer Ian Hicks lost 85 percent of sight in his right eye during a house fire blaze that saw him go back into the flames to search for his young daughter.

‘It's like looking through phosphorylated glass. You can see that, but you…

I Have Full Eyesight Which I Haven't Had For Years

Alex Newman had a corneal condition called keratoconus and he needed to have a corneal transplant to restore his vision.

Straight after the operation, he says:

‘I could actually see better out of that eye than I had before the operation.…