How Can a Corneal Transplant Help People Restore Their Sight?

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This video is from the early days of the Eye Bank in 2000 as shown on prime-time NZ television.

The NZ Eye Bank has continued to supply high-quality eye tissues to all New Zealanders needing a transplant to restore or improve their sight.

Professor Charles McGhee, Scientific Director & Chair of the NZ Eye Bank Trust, says:

“Ultimately, if it were not for the provision of tissue for corneal transplantation several thousand Kiwis would be blind. Therefore, if anyone is in doubt about the gift of donating their eyes after death. Simply stated, your kind donation can help make the blind see!”

Currently, the Eye Bank provides approximately eight corneas per week for the whole of New Zealand - with an annual need for 350-400 transplants. However, presently the number of eye donors is extremely low at and we all need to encourage greater awareness of eye donation in New Zealand.

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